European Media Literacy Education Study (EMEDUS)

The starting point of the study are the findings of the most recent research in the field, which will be further build upon. The consortium vaunts a broad knowledge base: it includes all the organisations and experts who have delivered the most significant research at European level on this subject in the last 3 years. In addition to the selected national experts, the United Nations and UNESCO support the Study as associated partners.

Children and the New Media Literacy from Egypt and Finland; A Comparative Study

The research is a comparative study on Youth Media Participation which was funded by the Academy of Finland and includes the following countries: Finland, Egypt, Argentina, and India. The main objective  was to find out about children’s use of the new media (i.e. the internet and mobile phone) and their media participation.

Authors: Samy Tayie & Irma HirsjÄrvi

Study on Assessment Criteria for Media Literacy Levels (2009)


Research carried out by the Communication and Education Cabinet, of the UAB, with the European Association for Viewers’ Interests (EAVI), the University of Tampere, Finland (UTA), The Centre de liaison de l’enseignement et des médias d’information (CLEMI), of France; and the ‘Université catholique de Louvain à Louvain (UCL) of Belgium.

Current trends and approaches to media literacy in Europe (2007)


The study identifies the approaches and trends of Media Literacy in Europe, including those mentioned: a) convergence of media as a widespread reality, b) growing concern about the protection of media users; c) critical awareness of citizens, d) growing presence media literacy in the curriculum; e) more sensitive industry, f) greater participation of civil associations; g) greater participation of European institutions and h) emergence of the regulatory authorities.

Promoting digital Literacy


This report is a response to the demand for project assistance to the European Commission in the preparation of the line of action: Promoting digital literacy in the eLearning program.

Author: José Manuel Pérez Tornero.

Broadcasting and Citizens (2005)

EAVI carried out a research in the 27 EU countries as well as in Switzerland and Norway, with the aim of identifying what instruments European citizens have at their disposal to safeguard their rights and interests as TV viewers.

A separate chapter in the research analyses the instruments and procedures that are available within the European institutions.

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