Measuring Media Literacy in Europe 2005-2010

This yearbook is an approach to the situation of media literacy in Europe during the period 2005-2010.

The study takes data from Eurostat, under the system of indicators defined in the research Study on Assessment Criteria for Media Literacy Level.

The study presents a common measuring instrument for all countries of Europe on Media Literacy.

ABC… Media Literacy White Paper

This paper identifies the major conceptual approaches in media education intervention, the different perspectives and European Union guidelines, as well as the background, objectives and scope of these proposals

UNESCO publishes Pérez Tornero’s proposals on education and encourage critical thinking in the media


Media Literacy and New Humanism by José Manuel Pérez Tornero and Tapio Varis


Media Literacy and New Humanism was published on March 2011 by the Institute for Information Technologies in Education. It’s including in monographic series "Theoretical Aspects of ICT in Education ".

The White Paper on Educational and Cultural Television in Ibero America


The White Paper on Educational and Cultural Television , edited by Gedisa, is the first publication of this kind that brings together a group of television stations that operate in Latin America.

The book presents a provisional and partial path in recent decades by television stations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay, Venezuela. The book describes the origin, context and the current state of educational and cultural television-TEC-in those countries.

Media Literacy in Europe


The text offers a complete and rigorous view on media literacy, inspired by the results of more extensive and recent research conducted by the authors on behalf of the European Commission in 27 EU countries. All the most important aspects of this discipline are included: components, definitions, dimensions, objectives, programs, historical evolution, and others.

The book also the background and future prospective of media literacy in Europe are presented, together with the emerging guidelines and recommendations of international experts with the purpose of pointing out the priorities to undertake concrete initiatives.

Authors: José Manuel Pérez Tornero y Paolo Celot

Empowerment through Media Education. An Intercultural Dialogue

Editors: Ulla Carlsson, Samy Tayie, Geneviève Jacquinot-Delaunay, José Manuel Pérez Tornero  Nordicom, 2008, 272 p. - ISBN 978-91-89471-56-6, (Reports Clearinghouse).  Although media, digital and information divides do exist in the world, more and more people have access to a steadily swelling flow of material through many new channels. An interactive and mobile media society has grown up alongside the traditional mass media society. Passive media consumers are becoming active media producers. In the midst of these developments are children and youth.

Innovative Practices of Youth Participation in Media

A research study on twelve initiatives from around the developing and underdeveloped regions of the world, by Sanjay Asthana, Ph.D, Middle Tennessee State University, USA.
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