• General meeting and presentation at the World Cultural Forum in Barcelona, September 2004.
  • Development of the Communication and Education Guide, 3 Key Questions. The guide focuses on the deep understanding of values and activities that are common and the actors who participate in communication and education. July 2005.
  • Development of the Guide on Television Language and Values, 100 Questions and Answers. It explains the new converging context between semiotics, language, and television. July 2005.
  • Development of the Guide on Ethics and the Media, 100 Questions and Answers. It presents media education as a discipline that is responsible for fostering the relationship between the media and citizens. It contributes to creating a favorable context for professional practice. July 2005.
  • Media Education Conference "Renewing Media Education Principles" organized by the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and in collaboration with the University of do Minho and the Catholic University of Milan. March 2006.
  • The first International Conference on Media Education, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, March 2007.
  • The World Summit on Media for Children and Youth 2010, Karlstad, Sweden, June 2010.
  • The first Congress on Communication and Education, Barcelona, May, 2010.