The Tahina-Can Morocco Expedition presents its "travelogue"


The Tahina-Can Expedition returned from its adventure in the Moroccan desert as well as various cities within the country. A total of 46 university students from Spain, accompanied by a team of guides and professors from the Department of Communication and Education at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), were part of this expedition which provided, as on previous trips, valuable lessons for travelers. As a result of this adventure, a special audiovisual logbook has been prepared.

A trip in images: Expedition members present their audiovisual work


The Tahina-Can expedition took nine days to traverse Morocco in 4-wheel drives, by camel or bus. The medinas of Fez, sunsets over large sand dunes in the desert, the souk of Marrakech or small towns in desert areas were the scenes where the expedition with the name of a star approached an unknown and exciting reality. To do this, people who were encountered along the way were interviewed: workers, artisans and desert guides, among others.

The video summary of Tahina-Can 2012: Morocco: heading to the kingdom of the far west


The Tahina-Can expedition took nine days to cross the desert and visit some cities in Morocco. For Sofia Prats, a Fine Arts student at the University of Valencia, "Tahina-Can Morocco has pushed the boundaries of the personal desert we each inhabit; it has guided us through the labyrinthine Arab alleyways that separated us from those cultures that are so different and yet similar to ours."

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