From Mentor Project to Mentor Association

At the UNESCO-sponsored Media Education Seminar in Seville, in February 2002, the Mentor Project came into existence.

The participants in the seminar concluded that Media Education should involve, from now on, not only professors and trainers, but also communicators and audiovisual regulating authorities.   

The first workshop took place in Thessaloniki, in March 2003 with the support of UNESCO. The outcomes of the Thessaloniki workshop were:

  • A general curriculum to develop teaching capacities of secondary level teachers.        
  • A strategic program to integrate the curriculum at a micro level (national) and macro level (regional).          
  • The structure of a website for online education. 

Mentor as an Association

Mentor International Media Education Association (Mentor Association) was born during of the Barcelona Media Education Workshop in May 2004. UNESCO and the Department of Communication and Education at the Autonomous University of Barcelona organized a Media Education Workshop in collaboration with the European Union and Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. The participants in the workshop introduced the objectives of a new UNESCO Media Education action plan in which the following issues were raised:
  • Incorporation of a media education curriculum at different levels and within diverse modalities (transversal, formal, informal, fundamental, etc.)
  • Awareness of the public opinion about the importance and need for Media Education through the most diverse communication strategies; including dissemination of good practices, broadcasting initiatives and participation, demonstration projects, audiovisual impact programs, public campaigns, etc.
  • Promotion of platforms for educators and communicators.
  • Create supporting and teaching materials for Media Education which can be used in regional and international contexts.
  • Introduce Media Education as a fundamental element to consolidate the information society and regulate audiovisual and communication systems.