Intercultural Dialogue

Communication and Education Research Group explains the main lines of action of the UNESCO- UNAOC MILID UNITWIN Chair in TVE


Working in a research oriented to the media contribute to social understanding and addressing social inclusion are two of the main lines of action of UNESCO- UNAOC MILID UNITWIN according to Jose Manuel Pérez Tornero, director of the Communication and Education Research Group.

First International Congress: "Travel, Communication and Adventure.”

Autonomuous University of Barcelona
22 Nov 2012 - 09:00 - 23 Nov 2012 - 00:00

The congress hopes to serve as a meeting point for all travel lovers. And to achieve this, the event proposes various academic activities along the lines of the following topics:

-          Intercultural dialog as a traveling tool: travel is the best training, rich and beneficial to understanding the diversity of our planet. "Equal within our differences". This will be the theme of this discussion space where travel will serve to establish a dialog between cultures.

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