UNESCO publish the video presentation of the international university network UNESCO- UNAOC MILID UNITWIN

The Chair UNESCO- UNAOC MILID UNITWIN has published in the the website of UNESCO the video presentation of the international university network. UNESCO defines the Chair as the “first International University Network on Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (UNESCO/UNAOC-MILID)” and tells that “it is a part of our deep commitment to promote media and information literate societies and mutual understanding among cultures on a global scale”.

The Chair was launched through partnership between UNESCO and UNAOC and with the signed of the agree “Network of Universities on Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue” that was signed by eight universities in Fez in June, 2011.

The agreement is valid for five year. It allows working in strategic lines as the promotion of the development of  Media and Information Literacy Teachers Training in all over the world,  intercultural dialogue, integration, and joint work between the universities that comprise the Chair and businesses, the media and civil society organizations. The Media and Information Literacy will be the key to achieve the purposes of the Chair as development of joint research intended, that means joining the efforts of academic and civil institutions, promoting common curricula and facilitate the exchange of students, and to promote meetings between young and outreach programs to the community.

During 2012 this international university network will be coordinated by Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) through Communication and Education Research Group and Cairo University (Egypt). In its website UNESCO explains: “The UNESCO/UNAOC-MILID will seek to ensure that the collective knowledge and expertise are not only shared and exchanged, but are also reflected in the elaboration of strategic projects at national, regional and international levels”

In addition to the UAB and the University of Cairo, the agreement that led to the Chair was signed by University of the West Indies (Jamaica);  Universidad de Sao Paulo (Brazil); Temple University (USA); Tsinghua University (China); The University of Queensland (Australia) y Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University (Morocco).


UNESCO - UNAOC MILID UNITWIN from Gabinete Comunicación y Educaci on Vimeo.