Mentor participates in the Fourth IGF in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

The Fourth Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) will take place in Sharm El Sheikh on 15 - 18 November 2009. The overall theme of the meeting will be Internet Governance - Creating Opportunities for ALL.  It reflects the basic purpose of the IGF on how to develop a common understanding, on how to maximize the opportunities the Internet offers for all nations and individuals. It will address the risks and challenges while also raising awareness of the development dimensions of the Internet Governance.

The Meeting is organised by the Dynamic coalition on media education, Cyber Peace Initiative, UNDP Egypt's ICT Trust Fund and the Council of Europe.

Professor Samy Tayie,  president of MENTOR , will moderate the workshop on 16 November discussing the challenges of being literate to foster participatory cultures. Regional perspectives will be shared on the risks of individuals using the Internet/new media without skills and competences, what different stakeholders can do to empower individuals.  An open dialogue will emphasize on how consumers stay savvy in the Internet age, how media literacy can build trust and skills needed in order to deal and contribute to the Internet.