Mentor Association participates in a conference on new media at Fudan University in Shanghai


Mentor Association participates in the conference "New Media and Communication of Justice in the Information Society", taking place this week in Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

Jose Manuel Perez Tornero and Samy Tayie, Presidents of the Mentor; Santiago Tejedor Calvo and Pere Oriol Costa, from the Communication and Education Cabinet of the Autonomous University of Barcelona are participating as speakers in these sessions.

"New Media and Communication of Justice in the Information Society" offers a transdisciplinary approach to the issue of new media and its impacts on the Information Society, with the participation of teachers from various countries in Asia and Europe.

These members of Mentor are contributing their views and results of work on the promotion of media literacy in Europe, the future scenarios of journalism in times of political and technological changes and new learning environments.

The sessions are taking place in the Talent Exchange Centre of Shanghai Municipal Publicity Service, the Public Communication Center and the School of Journalism at Fudan University.