Highlights videos about Milid Week opening, Unesco curriculum for teachers and Milid-UNITWIN Programme presentations


The Communication and Education Cabinet has produced three audiovisual materials documenting some of the most outstanding plenary Milid Week.

The first one of these videos shows the opening ceremony of the event, where speakers emphasized the crucial role played by training programs in mediated societies to promote independent and responsible citizen.

The other ones reflect the program of UNESCO-UNITWIN Milid UNAOC and sharing of point of views and reviews about the Unesco Curriculum for teachers. Both presentations brought together leading practitioners in the field of Media Literacy. The aim of these sessions was to discuss and propose initiatives to citizenship education in the use of the media.

Members of UNITWIN Cooperation Programme on Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (UNESCO-UNAOC) presented the Action Plan program for the next biennium in the sitting Promoting Milid. Among them were representatives of the member universities of the program.

Representatives of Unesco, experts and scholars also talked about the curriculum that has prepared this institution to promote Media Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue from school.